Year of the Rooster 2017

Year of the Rooster 2017

A few days ago I went around to my parents place for dinner . Dad brought up the topic of conversation that it was the Year of the Rooster ..  ( he is a Rooster born 1957 )  . Now for those who believe in stars or horoscopes you probably will believe in the writings from the Chinese too  . Anyway , Dad went on to tell us that because it was the year of the Rooster this years ‘lucky’ colour was Red . So that day he had gone out ( via Bunnings no doubt ) to buy red undies ( to have faith in your jocks has gotta be rugby ritual or something?! lol ) and that this year was going to be a great year . I simply said ” Well done dad you always say this ..”

The next day I get a phone call from my brother saying Dad had fallen off a ledge watering his vege garden ( which is another whole story )  and hurt his back  pretty bad . Now for my brother to actually call me giving me this news gave me a shock . Dad has had major major back surgery years ago and  if he screwed it up this time round I’m not sure what the recovery would be like !

Moments later I rang my dad . Because no matter how much pain he was in…. he would never call to say it . Hence why my brother did .

Dad ” Hello ”

Me ‘” Dad you Gumby !  Are you ok really ?”

Dad  ‘”Yes I’ll be ok ”

Me    ” Are you wearing your Red undies ? ”

Dad  ‘”Yes , lucky for them or I’d probably be paralysed .”

And there you have it . Another one of Dad’s lessons  .  That no matter what happens the glass is always half full ,to have some perspective and also , if he believes in something …. he damn well believes in it  !

So Moral of this little story  , draw the positives from the negatives ,believe and carry on .

Happy Belated New Year of the Rooster and I hope it is full of good luck  .

So now me .This blog I’ve kept through my athlete website has normally been pretty easy to write and give updates on whats been happening in the ‘life of Triathlete Flick Abram’ . Typically I’ve always had something to say about travelling ,training, racing etc etc etc .
So to sit down and write something to be posted on my athlete blog when I haven’t raced internationally for almost 4 yrs now is proving a little difficult . For those that actually did follow me as an athlete or amazingly still do , I thought it is to you whom I owe this blog ! You and my incredible sponsors , friends , family . I’ve never been one for wanting to tell everything that happens in my life . But if I can help give anyone a little bit of hope or anyone to feel a bit more optimistic, then it’s been worthwhile .
So to answer some of the questions you may have been wondering ……

Where have I been ?
Taking time out . Could almost say I’ve been semi – retired ! .

Why ?
Injuries , injuries , injuries . Unfortunately my body has not co-operated well the last 3 years .

Why haven’t I retired ?
Good question . Yes , I got tired and frustrated .But I’m only 30 years young , I don’t want to give up that easily on something I love and the passion to race is still very much there .

So how are the injuries now ?
I’ve taken a long break . I’m not sure if it helped any healing but it was refreshing mentally and I’m pretty sure if you heal your mind the body will follow !
I will always carry a niggle somewhere . I do all the self- maintenance care I can to look after myself . But more importantly I don’t stress as much if something is sore . I know what to do and the difference between a good and bad pain and whether to take a day off or push through . From all the injuries I feel I have a much deeper understanding of my body and how everything is connected .

So what did you do in your time out ?
Got qualified as a pilates instructor and started working ! Fortunately this meant I could spend as much time on a Pilates reformer as I wanted which has helped a lot of problems . I highly recommend it to supplement any program . It’s also been rewarding to help others with injuries as well . That and a lot of things you don’t normally find the time to do or energy to have when your a full time athlete .

How much am I training right now ?
I took a very long break this year . Including the most time out of the water ( zilch swimming! ) I have ever had in my career . 3 months . So the last few months has been about slowly ,very slowly getting back into some kind of structure .  It’s no where near what I used to do but I’m pretty much starting from square 1 here !

What ?! Running ?!!
Yes , you read right ! With my smart cap on I’ve been able to be consistent with some running ! It’s not the mileage I would like to do, but I have to start somewhere . I can finally feel like things are getting stronger or used to the load again .

Ok so when will I race ??
I would love to race locally during the later part of the Aussie season . But for now consistency and building fitness and getting back to race shape is the main goal .

But will I race internationally again ?
Nothing’s impossible

I would also like to take this time to write and thank some pretty kind people . The sponsors who has supported me when I have done nothing .  DASSI Bikes especially . They customised 2 full bikes for me . A TT and a Roadie and I am yet to race on either . But I cant wait ! Rudy Project , Zealous , Hyperice ,  Dare2Tri AUS .
Thanks to my close friends in the sport of Triathlon . I have some pretty special people , athletes and ex coaches who continue to stay close friends even though on the other side of the world .  Mrs Jodie Cunnama & Michelle Dillon for your continuous words of wisdom and Inspiration . Siri . And yes even Sutto for your yearly txt to hurry the f up , time is running out haha . To my friends away from the sport of Tri . You give me more life balance and friendships I’m ever grateful for .
To the unbelievable fans who continually ask me how I am going and will we get to see you race again .. I’m flattered and thank you for the encouragement .
But most importantly my family and in particular my twin brother . We shared a Birthday and Christmas day together for the first time in 10 yrs . Miracles can happen ! Proud me .

Just wear red undies

Until next time ,

Flicka x o x

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Twitter: flickabram

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