Recovery …..

Recovery …..

Its been 4 months post Surgery and things are much better . I can finally walk bare foot again

I’m back to some moderate amounts of training . No particular program as such , just enjoying getting back out the bike and in the pool again .

I’ve started running on the Alter G ( anti gravity treadmill )  and progressing slowly .  I wont say its been smooth sailing .  Not running for over a year a seriously weakened my feet and body .There a lot of niggles that are mentally challenging  me .

I’m back living on the Gold Coast and loving it . The plan is to spend the next 3months slowly building myself into fitness and back running properly again ., most importantly injury free . Then in January I’m heading to Spain to train with my Coach Michelle Dillon for 2 + months .

Still a long road ahead but more determined than ever to get back on the start line again .


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