Please …Does anyone have an answer ??

Please …Does anyone have an answer ??

As I sit here thinking of how to start this blog I would love it to be like any other … good news to tell  , training is great and I’m ready to crack on with the season . Wishful thinking …

Don’t get me wrong. I always consider myself a very fortunate, lucky person and it’s been these last 8 months especially I keep reminding myself that . I  have really been struggling . In fact the last few months has by far been the toughest time I’ve ever been through. Physically and emotionally.

And before you read the rest ( if you want to  ) you are probably thinking “oh great another athlete whining about an injury “…. but I’m not asking for sympathy . I’m just desperate for any help , opinions or any answers to this  frustrating injury . I also feel I owe an update to all my fans/followers and sponsors.

The majority of  the people  who  have decided to read on , have probably read some of my previous blogs. You may follow me on social media  because of who I am .  I’ve been racing for Australia for over 10 yrs now , mostly on the ITU circuit and I love it .

Early last year after finally getting on the podium again ,I thought  at 26 , I was maybe starting to creep my way up to reaching my full potential as an athlete. This Injury crept up on me .  It struck halfway through the year and  I thought sure ,I’ll just rest , miss a few races and I’ll get better . That was in July . It’s February and I’m in more pain than I was then .

I think the most frustrating thing is how can I put so much energy into getting better and just move backwards . What am I doing wrong ? Whose professional opinion do I listen to ?  Constantly kicking my head against a brick wall .What is the answer ?

The injury I currently have  now has been diagnosed as Plantar fasciitis . Although it started as  some bone stress  in both Calcaneus  .Yes , it’s bilateral.  Doesn’t sound too bad does it ? Not even I thought that . Years ago I had a case I ran through but it just got better .  This is different . I can walk around ok  sometimes ,but I don’t dare attempt to jog .
I’ve probably had every treatment under the sun now . Apart from surgery .

Being an injured athlete is somewhat of a vicious cycle for not just myself but for the ones I love who take the brunt of my frustration ( thank goodness Im a single girl right now ?!) . It’s  an emotional roller coaster of denial , frustration , delusion , acceptance , tolerance and patience . I stress about what’s right , what not . Am I meant to push through the pain ?  Why did I push it ?  Self hate for pushing it too much …. There have been many tears . Which I guess is a good thing . It’s made me realize how badly I miss  being in full training and how badly I want to just run again let alone compete . It also makes me realize how fortunate I still am and really respect those that are ill or not able to do the simple daily tasks that we all take for granted . Absolute gratitude .

So what is the plan then ?

Well ,thank goodness for my support team . By this I mean the people closest to me . My family , my very close friends and of course my Coach Michelle . Without these people I’d be lost…

Mish and I came to conclusion that I needed to take some time out . Not like sit on my arse doing nothing time out ,(because I’d literally go insane doing that ! ) but I’m just doing what I can do and trying to get my head off the injury .  I had to accept  the fact that I’m not going to be able to race anytime soon . Maybe not at all this year . .  So I’m currently still swimming and hope to get back on the bike soon after these last lot of  PRP injections . I’m also starting  a new intense form of rehab on the Gold Coast tomorrow with a very open mind .

On the flip side , I’ve been keeping busy painting ,  and working on my women’s sports lingerie line which I intend to bring out by the end of this year . I’m also going to get my coaching qualifications  . It’s an avenue Id like to pursue after my own career and If I can do it now , bonus . Obviously rehab is my number one priority,  but outside of that I’m wanting to keep busy since I’m not doing the hours of training .

It’s hard to sit back and watch the season start . I may have to put 2014 out of the picture for now . But not once have I thought about giving up. I’m so very determined to get back fighting fit and stronger for 2015 .

Of course I hope it doesn’t take too long to heal and I really do look forward to getting back out racing again.  Patience & faith ..

Lastly , best of luck to the Aussie girls and my former Leeds / UK training buddies ( really miss you ! )  and close friends starting their season  .

Until the next update ,

Flicka X

P.s  I’m a proud ambassador for YoungCare .

Currently more than 7,500 young Australians (under the age of 65) with full-time care needs are living in aged care simply because there are few alternatives (National Disability Agreement 2010). There are also 700,000 more young Australians being cared for at home by family and friends, often with limited support .

Brisbane is holding a fun run on the 28th March . The Budgie Bolt to raise money and awareness . Get involved !!

Or generously donate . .  Pretty Please !!!!

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