My long overdue update!

My long overdue update!

It has been a long time between updates . Nearly a year to the day . Whoops . The last 12 months have gone so quickly and have been filled with some wonderful highs as well as some personal lows. The season is drawing to an end and Im relieved to represent AUS for my 7th Elite World Championship . I’d love to perform well in my last 2 races for this year , Auckland and Noosa . I guess anything is possible ?RA Grani

Without trying to sound like excuse after excuse , below is a re-cap of my 2012 so far . I feel I owe it to my wonderful supporters …

This year , on the triathlon front I just could not get going , in ultimately the most important year of my career. Some health issues, some bad luck in some key selection races , plus I hate to say it  a “dnf”  in kiztbuhel where my body just seemed to give up…. Not sure where to start and not really sure that I want to go backwards , but performance wise 2012  was not what I had been hoping for.

My reluctance to share my race results is due to the fact  that there was not a lot of joy to share  with you. I love racing and I can pretty much say that I have been thoroughly disappointed with the first 6 months of the year.

I was on the spot in Mooloolaba to race the world cup there in March but freakishly, race morning I strained a groin muscle. I’ve strained the same muscle before,  so withdrew as to not damage it further . I then just had to work on getting right for the Sydney WTS in a few weeks.  I was able to start Sydney in as best shape as I possible whilst recovering from the injury . However another accident exiting the swim left me winded and with damaged rib cartilage heading out on to the bike. DNF’ing is not my style and as humiliating as it was being  an Olympic selection race, I just tried to get through and finish. And I did in 58th place.

I was sore, upset and distraught after that race …just had to put it out of my mind, head down and focus for San Diego. I travelled back to Leeds and then a few weeks later flew to San Diego for the second WTS race  which was now also going to be a selection race for our Olympic team ..with no real decisions being made after the Sydney race.

My goals now were just to try and achieve some solid racing and results. After Sydney I was definitely out of the running for selection . Olympics or not,  I love training and racing so now just wanted get over the lingering injuries , have a good block of training and race well. At 25 I’d still like to feel I have a few years of triathlon left in me yet . San Diego was an ok result and the race was incident free . Finished in 32nd spot…my run form still a long way off what it could and used to be…

From San Diego back to UK 2 weeks before the travel to Madrid for WTS number 3. Even through the travel to Madrid was fairly quick I arrived to the race feeling very fatigued and the whole time in Madrid I really struggled. It is not an easy course when your feeling even a little off your game . Optimistically thinking  –  I had put a better bit of training together and thought I could have a good race . I felt awful . I had a 15 sec penalty and finished 28th.

The aim after Madrid was to try and get a solid 4 week block of training in for the kitzbuhel race.  I was able to do this and went to kitzbuhel hoping for a decent performance….. From start till drop out I was clearly not myself . On the run I collapsed with 1 lap to go and was taken into Medical then hospital .Some irregular ECG results and some caution by doctors and coaches meant that I was not allowed to resume proper training until I had further cardiology tests back in UK. I finally got the medical  approval and the  all clear to train at the end of July.

I didn’t attend the Women’s Olympic race in London and it proved hard to watch even on tele . Firstly , I would like to say a huge congratulations to Nicola Spirig – my former trainer partner – and her coach Brett. I know how very very hard Nicola and Brett worked towards this goal -and they did it! I am so very happy for them both. Brett has been a wonderful mentor for me and I respect his wisdom and advice always . Big credit to Erin for the Bronze and I felt utter disappointment for Moffy . I did however , go to London a few days before the Mens race . For this one day I was a proud ‘Brit’.  Without a doubt the highlight of 2012 was being there to witness Al win the gold . His race was jaw dropping and to be there with his family and watch him win was inspirational. I’ve been with Al and living in Leeds with him and Jonny for over a year now and to see them both get on the podium was emotional . I know the effort they put into it .They achieved what everyone expected of them with the utmost pressure. To put it simply they delivered . It’s a day I’ll never forget .

I sat out Hamburg WTS , but was hopeful I could Start in Stockholm ( my mediocre results all year meant my ranking was going in the wrong direction! ) and was looking forward to this sprint race.  The course was  great , interesting and challenging. A solid swim meant I was able to get myself to front pack on the bike  … and even though my run was not as quick as most of the front pack girls,  I  was able to hold off most from the chase pack and finished up 2nd Aussie in 21st position.

Happy to be part of  TCG Parthenay once again this year I got a late call up for a sprint race  in mid September, the final  of the French Grand Prix in Nice.  Our team was classified second going into the race and we managed to hold our position for the year . It was a tactical fun race as always, – and  I finished 7th in a full field and enjoyed the weekend at Nice . Gorgeous place .

Back to Leeds and I had 2 weeks before I made my way back to Australia via Yokohama . Arriving the Thursday midday before a Saturday early morning race wasn’t optimal but there was limited options and so I suffered big time from jet lag . Another flat race and another 21st . Was happy to finally get home to Brisbane . Long journey .

So now I’m back home in Australia for my last little block of prep before my last 2 races then I”ll have a little holiday on the way back to the UK .

As you can see this year has not been the best . But I’m already looking forward to next year .I love what I do and consider myself very lucky to be able to be an elite athlete .I’m confident my form will return soon enough . I just want to thank all my coaches , sponsors ( 2XU Australia, AIS,  Specialized Aus, Endura ,Subaru, Adidas,  Oakley ), supporters , family and friends .watch full film Ghost in the Shell 2017

Flicka  x

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