Merry Christmas x

Merry Christmas x

Well firstly I’d love to wish everyone a Merry Christmas ! I hope you have a safe and fun filled day with family and friends

My Christmas day will be with my family and close friends & this year I’m back home in Australia and happily sitting on the beach .

Actually I’m currently sitting in the sand of a lovely little beach on the Northern NSW coast. The serenity!

To me Christmas always seems a time to reflect on the year gone by. It also serves to remind myself how lucky and fortunate I am .

So here we go , as I look directly into the endless ocean and surf , a quiet headland and empty beach …. a reflection on my 2013 .

I started the year a lot better than expected.  A late call to race Oceania champs in Wellington just after retuning home from the UK  in March and cruising to a win was definitely a confident booster and probably dividends from a consistent winter in Leeds / Spain / Canary Islands .

A win and a few weeks solid training joining with mates Michelle Dillon , Stuey, Emma Pallant &  Vargs .I was really looking forward to the start of the WTS series in Auckland . Yes ! On the Podium ! Goal achieved !

Unfortunately I fell ill with a nasty chest infection before San Diego . But  I still decided to push on and race .15th with a silly penalty I was disappointed – but I suppose it could have been worse .

A 5th in Madrid WTS and a French Grand Prix Win I thought I was on track to a solid season . …

July however saw me start running into injury problems . At times when I should have listened to my body I kept going . Without a proper diagnosis till the week before the London Grand Final  , I look back and kick myself !

Without elaborating …after 2 yrs ,  I completely packed up from Leeds and returned home to Brisbane in October .  A few months complete break . A month in 2 boots . I really felt like I was starting from scratch . I’d lost so much strength and conditioning . At this point I needed some guidance . Coachless , I turned to good friend & former race competitor Michelle Dillon  and thank goodness I have .

Returning from this injury isn’t smooth sailing . It seems I get one step forward 3 steps back .  It’s more exhausting than being in full training .  On a positive note what it has made me realize ,is how much I want it . How much I love the sport , how much I love to train and race , and how fortunate I am to be a professional athlete .

So normally heading into January I’ll have temporary race plan looking into the next year . For the moment, though, its all about getting back to full fitness .  It is literally one day at a time .  But I’m sure I’ll come out stronger from this setback .

Thanks to Michelle for not just being a coach but for being an amazing support right now . Also thanks to my family , my current training partners & good friends who are always there (you know who you are!) & of course my fans .

I also have to say a massive thanks to all my sponsors , Dare2Tri , Pilot Athletic , Specialized , Endura Sports Nutrition  , Zealous , Vorgee ,  Body Flow , Oakley and of course the  AIS  for their support . It doesn’t go unnoticed.

So Happy Holidays everyone . Have a lovely Christmas and an even better New Year 😉

Flicka x

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