Injuries are a drag …

Injuries are a drag …

For a few weeks I’d had a little bit of a sore foot which I kind of managed through my easy runs . Then ,a few days before travelling to St Moritz I did a track session with this slightly sore foot /heel . It was nothing I couldn’t run through . Although it got worse on my recovery jogs of that session and the warm down I tried not to limp .Как укладывать брусчатку

The next day I headed out for a run …fail . Even cycling was aching .

I went to the doctor and probably rushed into the decision of getting 2 cortisone’s in both Plantar Fascias in hope that they would at least be a little bit better for when I got to Switzerland .

I can honestly say walking out of that doctors surgery I needed crutches . It’s bad enough limping on one sore foot let alone 2. So very painful . I was due to stay off my feet for at least 3 days after having those shots . well , 3 days turned into 10 because I was still incredibly sore . And now more than 2 weeks post injections I still can’t jog pain free .

So tomorrow it’s back to Leeds where I can firstly see the doctor again get some scans and secondly try and get the best prep I can in for London as I’ve had to pull out of Stockholm WTS now .

Injuries are an athletes worst nightmare . We all try to handle them as best we can . Try figure out how we got them and most importantly in the short term try and fix them .

London WTS Final is our Australian Commonwealth Games selection race . An automatic spot is up for grabs . That’s 5 weeks away . Obviously it’s going to be a challenge but I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t give myself every opportunity to get on the start line in the best shape possible .

I could end this blog on a rather depressing note , that I’m injured at a crucial time in the season . But on the whole , I suppose it could be worse …

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