I finally resorted to Surgery …..

I finally resorted to Surgery …..

After 5 months of near to no training  , no pain relief .ir-leasing.ru

I got some fresh MRI’s and had a discussion with my surgeon .  ( he has  successfully operated on my foot before in 2007  Different injury ! )

It had been long enough . The scans were disgraceful and it was time to operate. Of course I was hesitant on deciding what to do . Cutting or releasing the plantar fascia isn’t like touching something we ‘don’t need . The plantar fascia is a very important role in the foot functioning properly .

My foot was too much of a mess to undergo an endoscopic procedure so it was an open procedure which mean a longer healing time and recovery . I basically had a  plantar fascia and a nerve release ,  with a mass of tissue cut out as well .

Surprisingly and fortunately this only means 3 weeks in a boot and crutches but I have a lot of rehab ahead of me …


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