Forced end to my 2013 season …

Forced end to my 2013 season …

If you have read my previous post you would know that post Madrid I have been struggling with my feet . Although I had some nasty and random aches I just put it down to typical PF .  Week by week went by . I got more and more frustrated . I’d try the odd run in hope to be pain free . I came home from St Moritz to be helped by the wonderful and ever so knowledgeable Physio Alison Rose . My body a mess . Neurally and muscularly . After loads of treatment , rehab and even an epidural in my back  last weekend to try settle everything down ,my body is in much better shape … But my feet still sore. Ultrasounds showed nothing ,so I had no choice but to get an MRI

Not the best diagnoses but finally some answers and actually a relief that I wasn’t going insane !

A few problems. The focal one – Bone stress to both Calcaneous ‘ . No running for at least another 5 weeks . Boots ? Yes . Or crutches and 1 boot ( oh hell !) for the best healing .

So sadly my season is over now . To say I’m gutted to have to miss the Grand Final is an understatement .London has been my goal for a very long time . Primarily because its our Comm Games selection race . Up until a week ago I was quite optimistic that I could still race the swim /bike and just not be run fit  . Although after another trial jog I got more and more disheartened .

However I will be going to cheer on the team , my training mates & my mum ( yep she’s in the age group race ! )

I’ll then probably head home back to Australia for a good while .  Although I quite possibly call Yorkshire home at the moment ,  I might be lacking in some much needed Vitamin D right now .

I must say thanks to everyone who has helped me these last few months . Drs , Physio’s , Coaches  , my parents and Al for pretty much being a shoulder to cry on all the time . I’ts not been easy and I’ve never been this frustrated with an injury ever .

I hope to be back  and in form for next year . But for the moment I must heal my heels .

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