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Decisions……. I've just returned home to Australia from the beautiful St Moritz. My time in beautiful Switzerland was a bit more than a training camp. Brett Sutton is a former coach of mine and someone who has been big part of not just my triathlon life, but has always been checking in to see how my family and I are doing. I suppose when I haven't raced professionally for 4 years he cared even more. Rewind a few months back I had jumped into a few local races for fun and on limited training. Injured and ill again. I was at a low and pretty...

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Year of the Rooster 2017

A few days ago I went around to my parents place for dinner . Dad brought up the topic of conversation that it was the Year of the Rooster ..  ( he is a Rooster born 1957 )  . Now for those who believe in stars or horoscopes you probably will believe in the writings from the Chinese too  . Anyway , Dad went on to tell us that because it was the year of the Rooster this years ‘lucky’ colour was Red . So that day he had gone out ( via Bunnings no doubt ) to buy red undies ( to...

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Some old photos

I found a few old photos the other day from the 2011 Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. Oh there’s some stories from that race that I may share with you all one day! But I love these photos. And that bike. Great   Isn’t it funny how finding a few photos, even from only a few years ago, can send you on a trip down memory lane?   Loving life. And Noosa!   ...

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Recovery …..

Its been 4 months post Surgery and things are much better . I can finally walk bare foot again I’m back to some moderate amounts of training . No particular program as such , just enjoying getting back out the bike and in the pool again . I’ve started running on the Alter G ( anti gravity treadmill )  and progressing slowly .  I wont say its been smooth sailing .  Not running for over a year a seriously weakened my feet and body .There a lot of niggles that are mentally challenging  me . I’m back living on the Gold Coast...

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I finally resorted to Surgery …..

After 5 months of near to no training  , no pain relief I got some fresh MRI’s and had a discussion with my surgeon .  ( he has  successfully operated on my foot before in 2007  Different injury ! ) It had been long enough . The scans were disgraceful and it was time to operate. Of course I was hesitant on deciding what to do . Cutting or releasing the plantar fascia isn’t like touching something we ‘don’t need . The plantar fascia is a very important role in the foot functioning properly . My foot was too much of a...

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Please …Does anyone have an answer ??

As I sit here thinking of how to start this blog I would love it to be like any other … good news to tell  , training is great and I’m ready to crack on with the season . Wishful thinking … Don’t get me wrong. I always consider myself a very fortunate, lucky person and it’s been these last 8 months especially I keep reminding myself that . I  have really been struggling . In fact the last few months has by far been the toughest time I’ve ever been through. Physically and emotionally. And before you read the rest (...

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