Back To Yorkshire…. Madrid WTS

Back To Yorkshire…. Madrid WTS

Back to Yorkshire…then onto,,,, Madrid ..Рудбекия

In my last post I was on my way back from the States . I was happy to arrive
back to Yorkshire and the country roads .

I was determined to put in a good 4 weeks of consistent training  (after falling ill a few days prior to San Diego) –  before
easing off the week of Madrid .   I won’t lie , my immune system seemed to take a battering as it took me a
while to stop coughing from the illness I picked up in San Diego but I trained
through it .

Onto Madrid……

Well my history at this race had always been appalling . If there was ever one
race that I never did well at Madrid was the  one . In  previous years a
26th  and 21st  is what I managed .  However, the fairly ordinary results also provide
further motivation to improve of course!

I wont say I’m happy with 5th but I guess I am satisfied and can always lay
out the positives ,negatives and learn … ( yes at the ripe old age of 26 you
still learn !) . Honestly I felt terrible . Especially on the run .  But
that’s just racing and at the end of the day I’m having a ‘better ‘ season for
me and happy with the way things are going .

Big congrats to my training partner Non for the win . This girl is seriously
on fire and having a stellar run . She makes a wonderful training partner!

I’m back to Leeds tomorrow for essentially an easy week before travelling to
my first French Grand Prix race of the season in Les Sables . Allez Team
Parthenay !

Thanks so very much for all the support , it never goes unnoticed !!

Ciao for now ,
Flick x

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