Auckland WTS

Auckland WTS

Leading  into Auckland training went fairly smoothly . I went straight back into hard training . Maybe pushed
a bit too much as  I ended up straining my calf on the track which meant 1 week of almost no running but it was essential  to rest it or it would be detrimental  long term . The older, wiser me was smart to  let it recover properly that week  and  I managed to get a good 10 days block- of training in thereafter – with  an opportunity to escape to the Gold Coast and train with good friends Michelle  & Stuey Hayes , Richard Varga and Em Pallant . Some great upbeat company and  training partners was just what I needed before a little rest into the opening  series race in Auckland .Напольное покрытие в гараже

I could go through the whole race but really I just felt good . The bike felt easy.  I’m confident in my hill climbing no matter how fit I am and that day,  come the  last lap of that challenging course I knew it wasn’t taxing my legs at all .

Onto the run and to be honest ,the run felt easy and I managed to settle into a good pace adn rythym. We soon became group of four and had a gap on the rest of the field. A last lap surge  running for the podium , I was not going to settle for fourth!  Congrats to Anne and Maiike for the podium, and  Kate as well for ensuring  the  wonderful NZ homecrowd some excitment come the last lap!

I  was absolutely ecstatic to finally get on the podium again ! I was even more delighted  that my parents were there to share it with me . Sponsors aside –  they are and always will – be my biggest supporters.Another confidence booster that I was slowly returning  to some form  – but also still realizing that I hadn’t yet done nearly the amount  of work I need to do , as it’s still very early in the year .

Flick xx

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