Arrived in Leysin safe and sound

Arrived in Leysin safe and sound

I finally made it to Leysin .  One of the downsides to being an Aussie is the travel to Europe ! 3 flights and a few train trips later , well over a day of travelling  to get here but well worth it

I’ve only been here a few days  and I’m loving the change already . Fresh air , mountains and no sound of cars on highway  ( grrr Gold Coast ! ). I have a great apartment with everything I need . The weather has also been a bit freaky too . Perfect days and not too cold at all . But I have been told not to get my hopes up !

My last few weeks in Aus I was hit with a little hiccup . A few weeks ago I felt a bit off for a day or too . I had a few easy days . Routine blood tests to check everything before I head over here came back a bit abnormal . Not the best news this time of the season .  I was told to stop training , if not do very minimal until further tests and I was also advised not to even travel over here . But I still stuck to my plans . I had more bloods before I jumped on the plane and got out of  Aus asap (Because I really felt fine !) So the last few weeks have been a lot more of rest and recovery  then training .

It’s all a bit frustrating when everyone is saying to rest  even though I feel ok .I know  they all  have my best interests  at heart .  It could be worse and shit happens  ! I’m lucky to be able to call Switzerland  home for a while now and I’m sure I’ll be back in full training in no time . I’ll just listen to the Doc … our Doc

FLicka x

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