2013 – Off and Racing!

2013 – Off and Racing!


Less  than 2 weeks after arriving back from the UK I  made a last minute decision to jump on a plane and go Race Wellington Oceania  Champs in NZ .A tad hesitant as I probably wasn’t over the long haul flight and  also whether I should race Mooloolaba the following week instead . Anyway I flew in late and  unrested, got there extremely tired and thought I’d made an error .Race morning I simply didn’t want to get out of bed . I probably under-estimated what  a difference just  a 3hr time zone  change make . Also had the feeling I was nowhere near ready to race so early ! The last few years  barely have I made the start line of any Australian domestic  races purely because its seems too early to start when the WTS runs right through  till Sept/Oct . I also continued on to Noosa last year – so it seemed a very long year amidst the disappointment of not making the Olympic team and being “off  form” for a lot of the year .

Arriving home late Feb it was  lovely to see my family again, but  also a sad time to learn the  news of my uncle who was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with brain and lung cancer within a few days of my arrival.  I  was able to spend a bit of time with him before leaving for Wellington  – promising him that I was going to  race for him to lift his spirits . So race morning I forgot how I felt and got on with it . I was there for a reason , to pick up some good points and to keep my  uncle in fighting spirits even for a few moments . Maybe not such a sparky race but I was in the mix  and had a half decent run to win convincingly .A while since I have  won a race !

Good start to 2013 and perfect prep for the start of the Series in Auckland 3 weeks later.
Flick xx

NB My Uncle Pete died a few weeks later – just short of his 60th Birthday . RIP Pete x

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