Australian Triathlete



#1 Oceania Championships, Wellington, 2013
#3 WTS, Auckland, 2013
#1 FGP Les Sables, 2013



After a series of injuries and a tough few years, Flick is on her way back

Hi! And Welcome!

I’m Felicity Abram, a professional triathlete representing Australia. I’ve been involved in a variety of sports from an early age and always enjoyed pushing my body to the limit; to see how far I could go. That’s why I ultimately settled on Triathlon.


In the last few years my sport has allowed me to travel the world, experience many different cultures and compete at the highest level. To be able to compete for my country is the highest honour possible – and is something for which I will always strive.


My website allows me to give you a glimpse of my triathlon life – as well as the opportunity to thank all of my sponsors and supporters, without whom I would not have been able to achieve my goals. So stick around, explore and follow me here on my website and social media. It will be great to have you along for the journey!


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My Wonderful Sponsors

Without the continued support of my sponsors, I would not be able to continue to train, to race and to win for Australia. It would be fantastic if you could support each of these companies and helping me to promote the great support they provide to me and to other Australian triathletes.